Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Book Review - Love Lifted Me by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck

Love Lifted Me is written by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck and is published by Thomas Nelson. It is book three of the Songbird series. It's a story about Jade and Max, a couple who find their marriage shaken when shards of Max's past come flying into them. Jade is tested to the core when she not only deals with the aftermath of Max's infidelity, but also a secret she didn't know was coming. Can they make a new start together with Max's son, Asa, and find a love that will stand the test of time?

When I received this book, I immediately got started reading. Why was I so eager to read another Christian novel? I couldn't wait to begin because my husband and I have been long-time fans of Sara Evans since I don't even remember when. Sara Evans is a country music recording artist whom I have admired for both her songwriting ability and her beautiful voice. Now I have another reason to admire her - she is a great fiction writer. And not only is she writing fiction, but Christian fiction!

Before I started reading Love Lifted Me, I was afraid it might be like so many weak "inspirational" novels, all full of soft sounding fluff but very little Christianity within. I was so pleased to see that this is not the case with this book. Ms. Evans took a wonderful plot and wove bold Christianity into the pages.

I read Love Lifted Me rather quickly and, afterward, had only one complaint. It ended all too soon. I recommend this book highly for anyone who is looking for a hopeful, yet honest, look at life within Christian fiction.

**I received a copy of Love Lifted Me in exchange for my honest opinion. Opinions expressed are my own.**


Susan said...

Wow! Had no idea Sara Evans was a Christian let alone write a book. Did you read this as an e-reader or was this book in paperback? I was just wondering because it seemed for awhile all the good books that really interested me were only available thru an e-reader. I think I would really like this book.

Espana said...

Evans and Hauck make a great writing team. The writing is very well done, the imagery and symbolism used colors the story in an even more vivid way. Nothing about this book left me disappointed and I very highly recommend it.