Thursday, December 22, 2011

Atrocities - Contributed by Johnny Graves

This week, as I was scanning my programming guide online for direct TV, I was surprised to find several local channels that I was not aware were part of our package. My husband and I have been watching a horrific case unfold in an area not far from where we live. A young girl about the same age as our oldest daughter lost her life at the hands of deplorable human being. While she was playing at her apartment’s playground, she was abducted, raped, and brutally beaten and murdered. This was a malicious and calculated crime against an innocent child. All of the media attention surrounding this case has really made me stop and question the lack of moral compass so present in our world today. What is it that could turn a person into such a brutal and evil killer? Could there be any worse crime than that against an innocent child? This was no act of senseless violence. This was a well-planned and calculated murder of a child. This suspect is custody has no criminal record, no history of violence. If this person is indeed the killer, it begs the question.

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