Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday - Fall Garden

We visited our friends in upper peninsula of Michigan last week. As my friend showed me her garden, I said, "You must have a tiller." The soil is all turned and it looks so neat and clean. She replied, "No, I turn it over by hand little by little."

Okay, I don't turn my garden over because I use the excuse that I don't have a tiller. Sad. Today I decided to begin working on my garden. The fact is, the more stuff you can get under the garden for the winter, the better. That plant material then breaks down into important nutrients that your garden needs in the spring.

Here's my garden, all covered with weeds and junk. It got really bad because I ran out of time to weed. I baby sat a child who is not one of those little boys who plays by himself. He was always into trouble so putting him in the fenced backyard while I weeded garden on the other side of the gate didn't work.

This is the bit of garden soil I turned over in 45 minutes using a shovel. The soil is soft right now and easy to dig. It'll take me many days to get it done, but get it done I will. I'm hoping for a phenomenal garden next summer.


Secondary Roads said...

I'm working on our garden space for next year. Fortunately, I have a tiller, so I do a slightly larger garden than I used to have. I used a garden fork to turn over the soil. It helped break it up better than a shovel. I used a shovel to make walking paths between raised beds. I removed top soil from the paths and put it on the beds. It worked great.

Susan said...

We never had a tiller until we bought one at an auction this year cheaply. We always had to borrow Dad's in the spring and never thought of tilling or turning over the soil in the fall. Even though we have always had a wonderful garden every year, I hope this next year our garden will be the bestest it has ever been. TY for this info!