Thursday, September 01, 2011

Getting the Most with What You Can

We decided to go back out in the state forest last weekend in order to have a cook-out over an open fire. The real reason, though, was to forage and get whatever food we could to store up for winter use. Wow, did we ever find some good stuff!

These mushrooms are Fly-Agraic ones. 

The Chanterelle mushrooms are in abundance in the north woods this year. Supposedly, these are the real delicacy, above and beyond morels. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to correctly identify Chanterelles and they are afraid to eat them. To learn about them, go here.

The berries (above are blackberries mixed with red raspberries) are in abundance too. In fact, most people are saying that this is the best crop of blackberries that they've ever seen. Red raspberries grow wild here, and they, too, are large and abundant. The only problem with the berries is that the thorns just about kill you - and you have to be on the lookout for black bears on an eating frenzy before they hibernate. We found lots and lots of places where the bears had been. They trample down the bushes and leave other - ahem - reminders that they were there.

As long as you are able to walk and move freely, you should make the best use of your abilities to store up for the coming months. 

As an aside, planning for winter is not the same as hoarding. When one hoards, she is amassing all sorts of stuff that she will never use because she is not trusting the Lord to provide - or else she's just plain greedy. Both are considered sin.

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