Monday, August 08, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - August 8

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I have been down with a miserable summer cold the last couple of days. I can't believe that, after the long cold winter we had, I'm now almost wishing for a freeze so that the "bugs" would die. Aren't we humans fickle? At any rate, hopefully things will look up this week and I can get back to normal.

My husband's birthday is today, so we're going to give him a meal that he especially enjoys - made a little healthier. Since I'm making him a birthday cake and getting ice-cream, I think it should balance out a little better. I'm trying not to eat sugar (for weight loss and health reasons), but hubby really has to watch his carb intake because of diabetes.

This week I'm taking a lot of recipes from All Recipes. Did you know that if you can't think of what to make with the ingredients you have on hand, you can plug in what you want and what you don't want - and then have lots of recipes from which to choose using (or not) those ingredients?

I'm making ravioli on Tuesday and will need to do up some of it on Monday in order to get it all done. Because two of us are gluten-free, it makes for interesting cooking days at times. Often, it's a lot of work - always, it's worth it.


Baked Potatoes with sour cream
Tossed Salads
Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Ice-cream


Gluten-free Ravioli (same sauce for both versions)
Fresh Green Beans
Garlic Toast (both wheat and gluten-free versions)


Tossed Salad
Vanilla Pudding


Chips & Salsa

Pizza & Pop


Grilled Hot Dogs
Potato Salad


On your Own

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