Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Book Review - Life Support by Robert Whitlow

If you haven't read Life Support by Robert Whitlow (Thomas Nelson Publishers) yet, you might want to. Until recently, I had only briefly noticed the novel's name from somewhere. I definitely didn't think it would be something that I would enjoy reading.

I was wrong. This novel is suspenseful yet filled with a whole lot of legal information that made me feel like I was learning something while being immensely entertained. It has a tad bit of romance too - for you lovers of Christian romance novels. Robert Whitlow's expertise as a lawyer himself is likely the reason behind his expert legal storytelling.

Here's what Life Support is about:

Alexia Lindale is a young lawyer who represents divorce clients. Rena Richardson is a rich young woman who decides, in a strange twisted way, to kill her husband, Baxter Richardson, and then explain it away as an accident. Through some interesting turns of event, Alexia ends up representing Rena - not knowing that this crazed woman is a murderer. She has to make some tough decisions while trying to be a friend and someone who can be trusted with the truth - or what she's told is the truth.

I found myself reading this book whenever I had a few moments to spare and when I had large blocks of time available. I just felt completely drawn into the story. I found characters for which to root and others to hate - or simply to feel sympathy for their hopeful demise.

This is a real page turner. The end will surprise you and completely keep you hanging until you read the concluding title. I'm about to look for it on Amazon or my library.

**I received a copy of Life Support in exchange for my honest review.**

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