Sunday, June 05, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - June 6

I'm starting a 30 day detox "diet" first thing upon awakening on Monday morning. I'll keep you posted as to how it goes. The menu below reflects only a bit of the diet, as my family won't doesn't care to follow me in this area of eating. Visit Organizing Junkie for more plans.


Broccoli (cheese sauce for those who want it)
Garden salads w/homemade oil & vinegar dressing (add a little Italian seasoning)
Baked potatoes


Taco salads
Chips & salsa (no chips for detox)


Meatloaf (no ketchup on top for detox)
Mashed potatoes
Peas & carrots (not for detox)
Sauteed zucchini (lots of it for detox)


Marinated chicken breasts, grilled (marinated in homemade Italian dressing)
Baked potato wedges, seasoned with herbs & garlic


Pizza & pop (definitely not for detox, or gluten-free)
Veggies and chicken for detox & gluten-free people = daughter & me


Hot dogs, brats & burgers on grill
Potato chips (not for detox)
Fruit salad (plain yogurt to dress it)


On Your Own


Susan said...

Your detox diet sounds interesting. It will be interesting how it goes for you.

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

wow.. I wish I could send you zucchini.. we have so much I dont know what to do with it all.
I am interested in the detox diet. I have been eating a ton of zuc and yellow squash since we have so much of it.