Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crofter's Organic - Product Review

*photo courtesy of Crofter's Organics*

I'm leaning more and more toward natural and organic foods these days. I suppose it's mostly because I became gluten-free a year ago and can no longer eat some of the "junk" that I used to. Crofter's Superfruit Spread is organic, is tasty, and gluten-free. It's made with wild cranberries and blueberries, red grapes, and morello cherries. I'm sure most people have already heard how healthy cranberries and blueberries are, loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Did I forget to mention that the sugar content is fair trade organic cane sugar?

The entire line of Crofter's products, and there are many, are organic and delicious. When I can't find enough wild berries (we live just outside a state forest) to make my own preserves and spreads, I rely upon purchased products to get us by. Crofter's Organic is a great source for us.

Be sure to visit Crofter's website to see their entire line of organic products, as well as to see what's available in your area. You might want to call the store ahead of time to be certain they still carry it. My favorite natural foods store only carries it from time to time. They are currently in North America, Asia, South America, and Europe.

*I received free product in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are my own*

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