Monday, January 31, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - January 31

We got a super deal on boneless ham this week at Meijer. We bought a whole one and had it sliced at the deli. I am not a huge meat eater - never liked it a whole lot, even as a kid growing up on a dairy farm (we had our own beef, pork, poultry and lamb with the occasional venison in the fall). I am a sucker for ham, however. I'm having it right away tonight with scalloped potatoes. I make it gluten-free by thickening the white sauce with corn starch rather than flour. The Corn Cakes with Chives recipe is easily adapted to be gluten-free by substituting 1 TBSP cornstarch for the flour as well.

Scalloped Potatoes w/ham
Brussels Sprouts w/cheese sauce



Homemade Bread


Grilled Chicken Salads
Home canned Peaches


Pizza & Pop


Toast & Jelly
Deviled Eggs
Tapioca Pudding


On Your Own

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Susan said...

Rita, your menu sounds so good. I wish I was eating at your house. I gotta try your corn cake recipe. Thanks!