Monday, January 10, 2011

Letters to God - A Must-see

My family watched Letters to God this week. While it's always tough watching films that deal with topics such as cancer, this one left me feeling hopeful. Hopeful? About disease and suffering?


The reason this movie gave me hope is because it deals honestly with the hope of the Bible. Tyler, age eight and struggling with cancer, writes letters to God. He sends them through the U.S. mail system - puts stamps on them and all. The letters are prayers to a God this amazing little boy knew, I mean personally knew. 

That, my friends, is what I mean by hope. 

God answered Tyler's prayers as only God can. If that doesn't move you, nothing will.

I haven't found many movies I felt I could recommend lately. This one I can. It is one of the best movies I have watched in a very long time. Many libraries have Letters to God on their shelves. That's where I found it. Check around.

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SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Oh this was such a good movie. I watched it with the kids. Facing the Giants is another good one if you have not seen it. It has a quote in it that I love.
God will send the rain when HE is ready. You need to PREPARE your field to RECEIVE it.