Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Spread of Joy at Christmas

I've got to tell you this true story. Sunday night, a couple of my boys went Christmas caroling with our church youth group. At one stop, the bus unloaded with kids and marched up to an old woman's house. This woman goes to our church, mind you. She opened the door and told everyone she didn't want to hear any singing. Then she turned, closed the door, and left a whole lot of kids surprised, and I imagine, a little hurt.

Although this woman didn't care to hear some teens sing Christmas carols, she could have made them feel that what they were doing mattered. Instead, she made them feel that their ministry was worthless.

Another story:

My husband came home tonight with the above tree. I don't like Christmas trees...never have and probably never will. I have no real reason for this other than I hate to clean up fallen needles from trees that cost a ton of money and then are thrown away. This tree is real but, unlike some trees, cost us very little. It's an 8 foot, really nice evergreen from a local tree farm. My husband and two of my sons used to work for the company, so they got a great deal. I should be happy. However, I allowed my children to decorate the tree completely by themselves while I wrapped presents in my bedroom. 

How could I make this tree trimming celebration a bit happier for my family? I could have put a smile on each face by smiling myself. Even though I don't enjoy trimming the tree, I could have joined in anyway and lifted the mood.

Christmas is not about us. It is about Jesus. It is about spreading the light of the Gospel to the darkened world. 

Christmas is about sharing God's love with others. Let's try to work toward that goal during these final days before December 25. Things might be hectic, but slowing down to spread a little joy calms the spirit.


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