Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections

Did you know that some of the riskiest jobs today are in healthcare? If you work as a nurse or a doctor, you are already aware that there are dangers every day that lurk around your "place of employment." The dangers are in the form of infections that hitch rides on and in the patients that you tend.

The "Not on My Watch" campaign has been formed to get the message out there: Healthcare Associated Infections can be prevented.

The Kimberly-Clark corporation is partnering with doctors and hospitals nationwide to deliver continuing education programs to staff and management - programs that will educate and empower professionals to reduce infections as much as possible. Facilities are provided with a toolkit containing flyers, patient safety tips and posters.

Though busy healthcare professionals might find it hard to find time to attend these programs, it's vital that they do squeeze them in.

Kimberly-Clark will match all year-end gifts to the AORN Foundation made by AORN members up to $20,000. All donations will be used to support education, research and patient safety initiatives.

For details about the "Not on My Watch" campaign, as well as the HAI Education Bus, you can visit www.HAIwatch.com.

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