Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thankful Thursday - November 4

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The entire month of October was an interesting one, to say the very least. My son (see pictures below) was working as hard as he could, in spite of severe illness and a shoulder injury, to pass all of the tests required to graduate from the police academy that he had been attending since early July. When it looked as if all would not work out, God worked a miracle. 

Josh passed all the tests with flying colors and graduated with the other cadets last week. That's not really the miracle, however. The miracle is that the boy who went into the police academy is not the man who came out of it. This young man has a stronger faith and a testimony that "God did it!"

THAT is a tremendous miracle and worth all of the money in the world.

So, this Thankful Thursday, I give thanks and praise to the Lord almighty for His miracles. I also give thanks for the many friends, fellow bloggers, family, and others who prayed and prayed for a miracle. NEVER underestimate the power of prayer. It is the weapon of choice against the dark forces of this world in which we live. 


Mel Cole said...

My congratulations to your son who reached his goal. And to you, dear mommy, who is good example of a woman of faith. Who devoted yourself to God to pray for a miracle.

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Pia said...

congratulations yes, prayer is very powerful. i needed to hear that now. thanks for sharing.

Jerralea said...

Congratulations to your son! I always love to hear of a story of a young person who meets their goal - in spite of the obstacles. They become much stronger people! God bless him and you!