Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday - May 13

Laurie is hosting Thankful Thursday this week. If you get the chance, please be sure to pay her a visit. You'll also want to read the many other thankful posts up on the blogosphere.

We are getting rain! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm thankful for the rain. Rain is essential to our lives. Without it, we could not live. I live in a forested area that requires lots of water - we're prone to forest fires. This is morel mushroom season.

The rain (and heavy snows in the winter) contributes to lots and lots of mushrooms. The mushrooms feed the deer and elk - and people. Tourists come from all over to look for the fungi. The tourists buy the products that my husband sells to the stores. THAT gives us a weekly paycheck, which in turn, feeds our family.

When the Lord brings rain into my life, I sometimes grumble. I don't always trust in His plan. But in the end, He shows Himself to be all knowing, all loving, and all powerful.

I'm going through a rainy season emotionally and spiritually - as well as physically and financially. Seems like a lot, doesn't it? Actually, the sun is ready to peek through the clouds  and I know that better days are ahead. Trust, therefore, is key.

I trust God.

So, today, I'm simply thankful for the rain that brings blessings.


Denise said...

Asking God to always reign in your life, and to bring great blessings in the rain.

Dana said...

Just coming out of a rainy season myself. I love the analogy there!!

Joshlin said...

With out the "rainy season" would we really apreaciate all the blessings God has given us? I'm not to sure. We all need to be tested at one time or another. I am thankful for the rainy seasons that have already passed and the quite after the strom!

Great post! Have a blessed day!!

Karen said...

Amen...I am trusting Him, too!

Secondary Roads said...

Nice looking morels. It's been a long time since I've gone gathering them. Central and South America were great with their rainy and dry seasons. Plenty of reason to be thankful for each of them.

Mylene said...

I also thank the God for the rain, and I am praying for more. Our country needs rain. There are so many problems that rise if there is no rain, and there are problems too when too much rain. God is in control.

I haven't seen such big mushroom. Just like you said, it is just a fungi but it can fee the animals and people too. Amazing! Love you photo of the cloud. Yes, brighter tomorrow for us.

More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Rita,

Thank God indeed that He is all knowing, all loving, and all powerful. I need this reminder today as I am also going through a rainy period in my life. Thank God that He is with us and He loves us daily.

I am praying for you. May you know showers of God's blessings in your rainy seasons. You are precious to Him and He loves you dearly. Thanks for your visit. Take care and have a wonderful weekend and Lord's day.

Warm regards,

Godsgalnj said...

beautiful post!! =D

May God lead you by the hand through the rainy seasons!

Pia said...

hi rita. thought i'd let you know that i chose your blog to receive an award. hope you like it. ♥