Thursday, May 06, 2010

College Online - Could it be for you?

As time goes along, I begin to understand something. Our country is still numb economically because of the recession and all that goes along with such a thing.

For every job opening there are probably 100 plus applicants - depending upon where the job is and what type of job it is. My nineteen-year-old son has had quite a difficult time trying to find a job here in our area of Michigan. Jobs are scarce. He finally got a call from a grocery chain for such a little position as a part-time cashier. Would you believe that he had one interview and then was told he had to come in the following day for another interview? That's all well and good, but then he had to agree to come in yet the next day for another interview! We're talking part-time job with no benefits! Well, my son came down with a stomach flu that third day and could not go in at that time. He asked if he could come in later. The store said no. There were far too many other applicants for that job. He was not needed.

Now, when a company can require three interviews for a part-time, minimum wage job, you know that there is way too much competition for jobs.

You're wondering what I'm getting at. Just this: I truly believe that today, more than ever, it's important to get a college education. When a choice is presented between hiring someone with a degree and someone with simply a high school education, the better educated person will win.

With the internet, a college education can be right at your fingertips. Are you interested in a business degree? How does Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) sound?

Perhaps you are interested in a teaching profession. Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degrees can be earned while you continue to work and balance your family life.

Other degrees are available as well. From Master of Public Health (MPH) to Criminal justice (my eldest son's degree) to Nursing degrees, college is at your fingertips.

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