Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boiron Homeopathy Review

My family was blessed last week with a box of cold medications - homeopathic medications, that is.

Boiron sent us the products above:

Oscillo, Coldcalm and Chestal for children

That made this such a blessing is that our children caught nasty colds and were sick for a couple of weeks. These products are perfect for children because their ingredients are natural. I do not subscribe to some of the religious implications of homeopathy, but I am all for natural medications that work. Here is a brief explanation of homeopathy from Boiron's website:

"Homeopathy is a branch of medical therapeutics. It is a therapeutic method based on the prescription of drugs derived from the pharmacological principle of analogy, generally used with small or infinitesimal doses.

Homeopathy frequently provides solutions where allopathy cannot such as in children’s ear, nose and throat infections, recurring ailments such as rhinopharyngitis, anxiety and emotional problems, sleep disorders, pathologies linked to influenza, seasonal and dermatological allergies, and so forth. The list is long.
The time has come for homeopathy to tackle serious illnesses such as cancer, cardio-vascular diseases, AIDS, malaria and even avian influenza, by encouraging its wider use in hospitals, measuring it with other solutions and testing its possibilities in all pathologies that allopathic medicine cannot yet cure. Through its specific pharmacology and particular approach to the patient, homeopathy may succeed where at the present time allopathy can go no further. We do not have the right to be dogmatic or sectarian. Millions of patients’ lives may depend on this new research."

Amanda has used some of the Oscillo we received and will likely use the other products soon. Her runny nose was relieved with the pills.

The schools all around us have closed for a week at a time due to flu. We don't contract bugs nearly as often as public and private school families do, but we still get them periodically. You can't live in a vacuum.

Please take a moment to research some of the Boiron products to see if they might work for your family. If you suspect Swine Flu or another serious disease, see a doctor immediately. And please, above all else, seek the Lord in illness and in health. He holds physicians and health care companies in His hands. Nothing happens in your life without His knowing it - and caring about you.

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Susan said...

I received that kit also. I got it hoping my grandaughters could use if they needed it sometime. I hope they don't anyways.