Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Graduation Over - College Begins

Okay, I've now successfully graduated two children from homeschool. Three more to go and I'm done! Whew.

Josh is in the final stretch and will graduate after he takes police academy this winter.

Jonathon has been accepted to the two colleges of his choice. Yes, two. It looks like he'll probably go to our local community college for the first year or two and transfer to a great school in Indiana for the final two years. We'll see - a lot depends on what financial aid is offered. It might be that he can just go straight to Indiana for all four years.

Something that both boys find difficult is earning enough money to pay their bills while attending college full-time. What bills? Well, text books aren't cheap. Josh has a car payment to consider too (and insurance - yikes!)

Clothes are something that both boys need for school this year. How to help them so they can put their own cash into something more necessary - like pizza?

The best way to give these kids money for clothing is through gift cards. I use them a lot. Sear's has reloadable gift cards that can be used in store or online.The boys can buy something they need instead of using the money on little things and then wonder where it all went.

Josh will be living on campus this winter and Jonathon might be as well - visiting
Sears CampusReady and playing around with different dorm designs is fun. Gone are the days of dull dorm rooms!

There's a Facebook application to do much the same thing - CampusReady on Facebook
. I played around with it tonight. Students can create a wish list for their those on their friend lists to see.

Sort of makes me wish I was back in college.


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