Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Family Events in Your Area

From time to time I find information that I think would be useful to the people who read this blog. This is another one of those times.

We live in a small town so it isn't all that difficult to know when and where family oriented events are going to take place. For you, it might be different. If you live in a larger city, or near one, you might like to have a "place" where you can go to get information on local events and happenings. If you're like me, you kick yourself when you find out that you missed something that your family would have liked to attend.

If you'll look at my sidebar, you'll see that I installed a widget titled, "Family Friendly Events." This is a great place to search for local happenings - just click the right or left arrow to find a date, and then type (in the widget box) a zip code, city, or state you're visiting and hit enter.

If you think this is a cool widget (and it is), you'll like to know that you can install it on your own blog. When you do, enter the Widget Contest for a chance to win $1,000. If your widget gets the most views, you win! If you win, let me know so I can brag about it here.


1 comment:

purplemoose said...

It sounds like a good idea. When we first moved to our town, I was very frustrated because the local newspaper talked about events AFTER they happened. I had a hard time finding out information in advance!