Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tutorial Tomorrow and Update on Missions Trip

Just thought you might like to know that sometime tomorrow I will post the soap making tutorial. Yesterday I cut the bars I made on Monday and I almost waited too long. They were getting pretty hard already! Anyway, I used sweet pea scent and it's pretty strong in the room where I store the curing bars of soap.

I'd also like to mention that Jonathon had his shots this morning at the infectious disease center in Petoskey. He ended up getting the lesser strength malaria pills because they were cheaper AND there's less chance of having hallucinations with them. He'll just need to take more of them should the need arise. The center insisted that Jonathon watch a 2 hour video about infectious diseases. He didn't enjoy doing that but I think it's probably a good idea. Another boy who's going on the missions trip to Mombasa was there at the same time, so Jonathon had a friend to sit with during that movie-length video.

Please continue to pray for the Mombasa mission. Carly and Val are doing great things over there as they are led by the Spirit of God. So, God is moving around the world. Praise and Glory to God!

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