Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer and Taking the Heat

You all know we drive an old clunker, don't you? The same month that we bought it, the air conditioning compressor went out. We still don't have cool air running inside that van, unless you can count winter months when it's 0 degrees F. out.

I have to tell you that it is really hot inside it during the summer, even up here in the north. Whenever we head south to see the relatives, we try to make sure that we do it in the fall or the early spring so we don't have to roast like marshmallows.

How do you cope with the heat? Do you have any auto air conditioning? We're buying more and more products online because the prices are quite often less than what we'd pay in the stores here. If you are in need of auto parts such as an air conditioning compressor, check out They have free shipping and they warranty every part. It's worth a look.


Angela said...

We do have air in our truck. We have a brand new (well brand new when we bought it,lol, 2007 Dodge Ram).

As for the home, I told hubby,,we are putting the air conditioner on in the house as late as possible this year. Ceiling fans and windows open..Trying to cut the cost down and use our resources wisely...

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Funny, our air went out in our truck in the first year, got it fixed it went out again, so no air. Thank goodness for windows. As for our house our normal bill without ac and heat is $200! so we can't afford to even run it if we wanted to this year. We have been trying to pick up some $10 fans at walmart though, as three ceiling fans don't work. So I totally understand. :-)