Friday, May 08, 2009

The Mosquitoes are Coming...

I don't know about you but the one problem I have with summer is the invasion of mosquitoes every year. You try to avoid them and the horrible itching they cause by spraying yourself down with products filled with DEET and other chemicals, but you just can't stop them from invading your personal space.

I run around our yard all summer long to make sure that there are no buckets with drops of water in which mosquitoes can lay eggs. It really doesn't matter, though, because I think they come over here from the neighbor's yard with the sole intention of keeping us from sitting on the porch to enjoy the cooler night air.

From reading a
mosquito magnet review, I've learned that there are other tactics that one can, and should, use against an insect that has the ability to transfer dangerous diseases such as West Nile Virus. Who knows what other diseases are transmitted to humans via mosquitoes? I'm not sure it's all been researched completely as yet. We would probably be shocked if we knew.

The mosquito magnet seems to be a great way to stamp out mosquitoes from your property and your actual person without having to resort to repellent sprays that comprise of questionable ingredients. From what I've seen and read, these traps lure and kill billions of tiny mosquitoes and keep them from destroying your summer fun.


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