Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Charter's PhatBand - Moving Past DSL

Do you find that your current internet speed isn't "quite up to speed?" With the latest advancements in online technology, I'm finding that my computer is becoming outdated before it's very old - that includes internet connections.

I used to think that DSL was the fastest and best way to go. When we decided it was time to upgrade from dial-up to something a little more on the quick side, we tried to get DSL. It wasn't available here! Good thing. We called Charter Cable and got hooked up with them. Our cable service is really fast and pretty reliable.

Now, after browsing Charter's Ultra60 Information Page, I find there's an even faster internet service coming. It's called Ultra60 and is the first of the phatband speeds that Charter intends to put out there. It's supposed to be the fastest out there and is likely to out-date DSL in no time.


If you're one who likes to multitask - playing games, writing blog posts, uploading pictures, streaming music and video, etc. - you're going to want to make sure your computer is able to keep up with the current technology, including the fastest internet speeds available.

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