Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mombasa Update

I just know that everyone's wondering how the Mombasa mission trip preparations are coming along, so I think I'll take a moment to update you.

We had a meeting this last Sunday concerning the trip and the biggest news of the day was that the group has raised (altogether) $30,000. The total need is around $50,000. God is moving! Jonathon, personally, has raised about half of the $2500 he needs to raise. We sent out 29 letters, as well as posted about this mission trip on this blog, and have heard from 10 people. We're hoping that many more will soon join in.

The passport has arrived and we've all had a good laugh at Jonathon's passport photo. We have an appointment scheduled at the travel clinic for all necessary shots, so I think most of the bases are covered.

Jonathon turned 18 over the weekend. We bought him a suitcase set. Aunt Becky said today, "Don't be surprised if he comes home with no suitcase." Oh dear! Aunt Becky was a missionary to Swaziland for some time and she said that she gave away everything because the African people are so dear to her heart. If Jonathon gives away his stuff, we'll have to have the same spirit.

Please be in prayer for this mission. Satan is trying to thwart God's spirit, but God is greater.


Melanie said...

Sounds like a great mission trip and experience. Our church takes a group each year to Mozambique and we've been raising money for that over the last few months. It is all so exciting!

Have a great week!

Secondary Roads said...

Thanks for the update on Jonathan's upcoming mission trip. Syl and I are looking forward to future updates and reports.
-- Chuck