Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doggie Dental Chews

This lovely little mutt, Bobbi, is a poor sight. She's and eight-year-old Yorkshire Terrier (yes, she's a purebred with papers and all) and she has horrible teeth. We've tried to keep them clean with numerous brushings, which she hates, but Yorkies are terrible about not chewing their food. Because of this, their teeth don't get cleaned as they crunch dry kibbles.

We have tried to give this little dog some dental chews over the years, but she's nuts. She always hides the chews in the house somewhere and we find them many months later, like when we clean under the beds.

Yesterday I gave Bobbi a new dental chew from Greenies. I had received this little green "toothbrush" in the mail as a sample. Guess what? Bobbi loved it! She chewed up the whole thing right then and there! She's working on it in the picture.

I think I need to go get a whole package of these little chews. If you'd like a sample of Greenies either for your cat or your dog, go here. They're wonderful, I tell you. And no, this company didn't ask me to review the product. I just love them.


Angela said...

I got something similar for one of my toy poodle's Winnie..Your's is absolutely adorable.. I ended up buying a few bags because not only for his teeth, but his breath,,my

Christy said...

Cleo loves them too!

Live|Seeking said...

I got one of those greenies in the mail a while back and I remember both our dogs loved it as well(and Riley is just like his mother with hating to get his teeth cleaned!)

Susan said...

Our cats( whom have passed away) used to love those things. But, Sassafrass will not touch those things. She is just one fussy dog. She will however do anything for a pup o roni treat. UGH! Right now her teeth look good and I hope they stay that way.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of a few bad instances between Greenies and canines. Mostly cases of the treats clogging bowels or splintering. Could be bunk, could be truth. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.