Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great Photos Need Great Frames

Do you know by now that I love photographs? I have boxes and boxes of old pictures taken with film but for the past year or so, I've been drawn to digital photography. Why? Because I don't have to have boxes and boxes of pictures stored in a dark closet! With digital photo frames, it's easier than ever to enjoy those precious memories.

Not all frames are created equal so be savvy when shopping for them. One of the best on the market, Ceiva digital photo frames, come with some pretty enticing deals right now. For instance, when you purchase a one year picture plan for $100, you can get the Ceivashare frame for only $29.99. Ground shipping is free until February 13.

Here's what draws me to Ceiva digital photo frames. I have a laptop computer and I don't like to have my computer processor going all of the time because it'll wear out all the quicker. With the digital photo frames, I can display my photos from anywhere in the world without having to hook up to a computer or the internet.

Now here's my idea. Get a Ceivashare photo frame and picture plan with free shipping. Then load it with pictures of you and give it for a Valentine's Day gift that will never be forgotten. Oh, you won't be forgotten either.


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