Monday, December 01, 2008

The Storm Continues

The snow is still coming down, great big white flakes of heavy white stuff. We have more than a foot, getting closer to two feet now, in our driveway. I hurried out this morning to clear the mailbox. If I don't get that done, the mail carrier will not leave our mail.

While I was out there shoveling, a neighbor walked by with his dog. He told me that his parents are staying in Texas for the winter and that they are basking in 85 degree sun, getting a really good tan. He said he told his mother this morning that he couldn't talk because he had to blow snow away from his mailbox. I don't think he liked hearing about her sunny weather:)

I got the box cleared in the nick of time. The mailman came by less then 10 minutes later. It was a good day to get mail - no bills but a free Kashi bar, some valuable coupons, and a kitchen gadget from the Homescan panel. I like getting little things in the mail because it makes me feel like a kid again.

Hope it's sunny where you are!

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