Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Random Thoughts of the Day

Tonight we have news that we are again expecting a snow storm. We just barely finished with the last one! Anyway, by the time it ends - they think Thursday evening - we could have as much as 2 feet of new snow. The first part of the storm is system snow; the second part is to be lake effect.

Here is what concerns me. Our county, and the counties surrounding us, state that they have run out of funding for the highways. This means no money for snow removal, sanding and salting of the roads, or any other form of upkeep.

The roads have always been hazardous in the winter up here and now we're told to expect worse. Josh has a friend lying in intensive care because of the road conditions thus far, which really weren't at all bad compared to what we've got coming.

I guess this year we'll be staying home a lot and avoiding travel whenever we can. Jeff will have to go to work, of course, and I'll be praying that he makes it alright. The brakes are still not working right and we have two tires that need replacing. We'll get those things fixed as we can, but it won't be right away.

Josh will have to traverse the roads quite a bit too, as he has a full-time job that he juggles with school. There are only a couple of weeks left of the semester and then I don't know how many classes he'll be taking in Roscommon.

I really have a feeling that we're in for a hard winter.


FromThe Creek said...

We will keep you guys in our prayers all winter.

bethanyrae said...

Two feet?! Yikes. We almost never have much from the lake effect. Once in a great while it'll reach us on its furthest reach with a few inches. Yeah...I think we had freezing rain coming in as we arrived home tonight.

I heard that the State wasn't going to maintain the state roads around here... the M-100's etc. We travel those a lot out here. I can't imagine the county can afford to pick them up. Maybe they just say that, so if they're late or slow they're not "in trouble," as I did see one done the other day. hm.

Then a while back just before we started getting snow a truck hauling bark mulch with a bad tailgate went by, I could count 4 times, twice in each direction, leaving a nice layer of mulch on our paved road. The cars packed it down to a sheen in no time, and I'm wondering if it's going to be absorbent and slick up on us. uh. Let's hope not. I'm already tired of snowy roads, and it's just turned Dec. I remember so many years when I was hoping there would be snow in time for Christmas. ha....whenever was that??
sheesh...maybe I should just pick up the phone, eh?