Sunday, December 21, 2008

Movie Night

We don't usually go to the movie theater - probably hit one once a year but we DO rent and buy videos to watch at home. We have a weekly tradition of pizza and pop with a movie every Thursday night. Amanda and Ryan lay an old table cloth on the family room floor and eat their supper there while watching the movie. The rest of us gather wherever and we watch a good film together. Sometimes we discuss important points about the story, good or bad, and what the characters learned from their circumstances or actions.

We've been doing this for three years or so and the children have come to depend on it. The pizza is homemade and the movie is always something that we can watch as a family without worrying about undo violence or foul language - or worse.

We really like family movies that have a good moral lesson or a "teachable moment" woven into an engaging plot. All Roads Lead Home The Movie is one such movie. We haven't seen the movie yet but plan on doing so very soon during our pizza and pop movie night. Below is a trailer for you to preview.


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