Monday, December 29, 2008


Who's your hero? I think our U.S. soldiers are some of the greatest heroes of all time because they put their lives on the line just to make sure you and I are safe and free. I've often wished there was a way that I could show them my gratitude for what they do every day while we're sleeping quietly in our beds, safe and snug.

Then one evening I was watching television with my family and saw a commercial with Ty Pennington concerning the Sears Heroes at Home wish registry and I knew I'd found that something. It's as simple as clicking on the website and making a donation that will give a military family a wish come true for basic necessities while their hero is away.

Did you know that it's not too late to donate to Sears Heroes at Home? An amazing 30,583 families are signed up for the program. Now that Christmas is over you might want to think about granting a wish that a soldier's family has made, like new shoes or pajamas. Your donation (not tax deductible) will go toward Sear's gift cards for these heroic families to use to purchase their much hoped-for needs.


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Relimom said...

I think my hero is Mary, mother of Jesus. She suddenly found herself pregnant, losing her man because of it, and then had to give birth in a stable.

And yet she stayed strong.