Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Eyeglasses for Christmas Cheer

I love Zenni Optical because of their great prices, ease of ordering, and large selection of glasses. For the longest time I couldn't believe that a person could order glasses from anyone but their eye doctor. They continue to surprise me by introducing a great selection of Holiday frames.

I like color so I enjoyed looking through all of the different frames, finally settling on this pair of green ones. Don't they look cheerful? I can just see me wearing these while celebrating Christmas, wearing a red dress and serving up our dinner Christmas day.

There are lots of other designs and colors available, so if green isn't your style, you can opt for something else, say maybe the traditional silver color.

Holiday frames start in at $8.00. I didn't see any that were priced for more than $30. To go about ordering a pair of glasses, you first need a prescription from your eye doctor. Then, visit Zenni Optical and choose a pair of frames you like. You'll also need to know what size of frames you need. Take into consideration your face shape.

There's an information page on the website that walks you through the ordering process, so don't be afraid to give it a shot. They have a very good guarantee and return policy, which is usually the first thing I check out when purchasing any product. I intend to order Zenni glasses for my next pair, coming up soon.

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