Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Trees and Other Symbols

Every Christmas we put up a real Christmas tree. It's the rest of the family's idea as I would like to not have one at all. I know, I'm a grinch.

When I was growing up, my family was ultra poor though we didn't know it. My dad got a fake tree somewhere when I was in grade school. We put that tree up every year, covered it in tinsel, and then celebrated Christmas without a whole lot of Christmas cheer.

Christmas trees have long been a stumbling block for me. I have read the poems and articles stating how they can be symbols of real Christianity and point to the birth of Christ. But all I can see is the pagan aspect.

People seem to worship the trees and the glitter upon them. Our real trees, cut down and left in a dry living room for the needles to drop off of, smell good but they do little else. They take up space and someone is always bumping into them and tipping them over, causing water to spill all over the floor (carpet!).

Santa, a decorated tree, tinsel, flashing lights, cookies, presents ---- do they really make Christmas brighter? Not for me. All I want for Christmas this year is to have a deeper relationship with my Savior, One who never lets me down.


FromThe Creek said...

That Santa sure looks familiar?!? I tried to get you know who to put a hat on for a picture for you...but I will have to continue working on that front!

Cheer up...we're in good company now...if you know what I mean!


Umma said...

Well, everyday can be Christmas to anybody, as long as you have your faith intact thats all that matters.