Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Two Days

Sorry I've been a little lax in posting here today. The past couple of days have been busy ones for me - Thursdays and Fridays are days that my husband is home and I spend time doing things he wants to do rather than sit at my computer. That's a good thing because sometimes I spend a little too much time here rather than being busy at what needs to be done that day.

I checked on Dorothy tonight and she's doing very well. She'll be out and about in no time at all.

I got the chance to go to town with hubby today to get groceries. Last week the weather was so bad that he got the groceries for me. I feel horrible about the fact that it cost me $160.00 for groceries and a couple of birthday presents for Evan. Food just keeps getting more expensive and I didn't buy any meat other than some sandwich meat (bologna and ham) for Jeff's lunches. I do hate that he eats that cholesterol filled stuff, but he keeps choosing it because it's about the only thing he can eat on the go in his truck. I only bought 1 gallon of milk, no vegetables other than lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Flour, sugar, vegetable oil, butter, and the like made up the bulk of my grocery cart. I think what really brought the bill up was cheese. I got mozzarella for next week's pizza night and also for the lasagna I have on my menu for tomorrow night. I got a chunk of cheddar and it cost me $7. Ridiculous.

We went to Bosman's Mercantile and I actually found Christy's gift there - marked down 75% off. Can't say what it is because she reads this blog. Dog food has gone up. What was once $15.99 for a 40 lb bag is now $19.99. Pooey.

Tonight the kids put on the homeschool Christmas play. I took some pictures and will post a few tomorrow. I don't usually put pics of my children on here often anymore, but since they aren't the best pictures, you'll never make out their features. HA!

I'm bushed tonight so I'm going to hit the hay for now. Tonight I have a prayer request for myself. I think I have an ulcer and it's making me miserable (whatever it is - I've not seen a doctor.) Please pray it goes away and I can do my job of wife, mother, and teacher. Thanks!

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