Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm overly tired tonight due to driving to see my mom at the hospital. She's not had surgery yet because of complications that make surgery difficult. From my understanding, the doctors need to check over imaging to be certain it is okay to proceed. I'm so in the dark because I don't live close, as do my siblings. My sister-in-law keeps me updated as best as she can, but it is always better to be there.

We got here very late and visiting hours had already ended. We were allowed, though, to stop in Mom's intensive care room. She stared at Jeff and clearly didn't know him. She didn't seem to know me as well, but they tell me that's due to the pain medication. It would break my heart to think it was anything else. Anyway, since she was sleeping most of the 20 minutes I stayed, I left and decided to get to bed in order to rise early and get to the hospital before the doctors arrive. I want to be a little more in the know.

I'm going to research a bit on the cause of Mom's condition tonight and then talk about it here. I'll say right now that it is so important to be informed in health issues. A few years ago my mom had surgery for a broken hip. My sister approached the doctor about the issue we're dealing with today, and the doctor said it was nothing important, not life threatening. Apparently he was just trying to appease us because we know now that it is life threatening and we should all have been more insistent.

As I said, I'm very tired tonight and will write more later. Please continue to keep us in prayer and my mom especially. Thanks to those who've e-mailed and commented to reassure me of their prayers. It's ultra important to me.

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