Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prayer Request

It's me again with another prayer request. The snow's been hitting hard and we've had accidents galore already this season. Our neighbor, 16 year old Samantha, had a head on collision at Ironton Springs with people we know from the Baptist church on Friday. Sam (this is Josh's friend, Mitchell's sister) is intensive care and we hear she's getting a little better each day but she and her family need prayer. We've known this family for many years, especially Mitchell, and I know it can't be easy for them to go through this trying time.

Josh brought Johnny and Evan to youth group tonight and then they stopped for chocolate chips (I guess I'm supposed to make cookies tomorrow for Josh's class which is probably cancelled anyway) and then they're supposed to come right home. I'm on pins and needles because we're to get 10 inches of new snow by tomorrow.

I'm telling you, I age considerably each winter I spend here.

Hope it's warm where you are tonight:)

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bethanyrae said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbor. I heard there had been a head-on at the park on old 27 on the way to Gaylord that put a V-bilt couple in the hospital.
You do get a lot of snow. There's something about Lake Michigan that sends that lake effect snow belt right across where you're at that's more extreme than just a little to the north or the south of you. When we used to spend Thanksgiving out at the lake, it seems we were always snowed in and never got to shop Black Friday.
We have probably six inches right now, with more still falling. Not looking forward to going out today. We have tutoring, basketball practice and band/choir rehearsal. uh.