Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We took a field trip today to Knaebe's, Rogers City. What's unique about this particular orchard is that it isn't found along the "usual" path of orchards up here. Most of the orchards are along Lake Michigan, but this one is near Lake Huron. Anyway, four of us homeschooling families carpooled and took the hour long drive for a fun field trip.

I wasn't particularly thrilled to visit an orchard, again, but then I realized that we had done these trips a lot with the three older boys but the younger ones hadn't had the chance to do this. Ryan and Amanda had a lot of fun. We were treated to a guided tour of the orchard, via tractor and wagon. Then, we sat on benches while our hostess/tour guide showed us the best kitchen tools for apples, taught us tidbits of apple info - did you know that Michigan ties with New York for 2nd largest apple producers in the U.S. - gave us great ideas for entertaining and gift giving, and fed us fresh powdered sugar donuts and apple cider.

On the way home, Heidi made everyone stop three different times so she could take group pictures of the kids beside these gigantic iron heads made by Moran Iron Works in Onaway. My favorite head is the Statue of Liberty one.

Sometimes it's just plain fun to get out with the little kids and relax................your homeschool. A funny side note - when we were half finished with our tour, a school bus pulled up with a load of kids. The school? Gaylord Public Schools! It was windy and cold outside, so the bus driver told us that our little group could sit on the bus to eat our lunches! It was great...the kids thought it was a 2nd field trip, as most of them have never been on a school bus before. One thing about this bus is very different than the ones I rode on in my youth - a sign that informs you that the entire trip is being caught on video.


FromThe Creek said...

Sounds like fun! I remember Fall field trips growing up and can't wait to start taking my children to some of those places.


bethanyrae said...

Sounds like a great time. I didn't know about the metal statues. I know what you mean about having to be careful not to shortchange the younger when it comes to field trips. I can't believe how much stuff we did when the first ones were younger. But then we lived in town and everything was right there, and they weren't old enough yet to be into all the activities that involved regular running. I think I'm wearing out.