Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paid Attention Later

Concerning my trip to Wal-Mart last night to visit the service desk:

I had NO trouble at the service desk when I asked for a refund for an overcharge (milk I didn't purchase). They were very polite and took care of it quickly. They apologized and acknowledged that it's hard to catch these errors because we're (the shoppers) so busy trying to get the bags into our carts.

Yesterday I made a batch of soap and colored it a really pretty green by tossing in a few broken crayons into the melted fats before adding the lye water. I think I used something like blue, yellow and green. Tomorrow I'll cut the bars and then let them cure. The scent I used was one Christy had sent me some time back - a Christmas scent sort of like my pine scent. This one seems stronger, though. Anyway, with the smell and the color, it'll go well during the holidays!

Evan and I went to town in the evening thinking we were to pick up Josh at 9:45. As it turned out, he didn't get off work until 11:00 p.m.! I was so tired I could hardly see to drive home. Evan and I spent a while in Taco Bell sipping Frutista Freezes (mango/strawberry). I was freezing when finished and the long wait was made worse when I had to go to the bathroom a few times before Josh got to the van. I couldn't concentrate on what he was talking about all the way home - something about arresting shoplifters earlier that day while on police duty. He was hyper; I wasn't.

Our cable bill was to go up this month but Jeff talked to a representative and they are going to double our internet speed and install basic cable TV (which I could do without - we've gotten by with horrible reception and only 2 good channels for years now - why switch?) for $15 more a month than what we were paying. Without this special we'd be paying $25 more for just the internet. This price is to be in effect for 1 year. We'll re-evaluate in 1 year and decide what to do then.

We all made it to church this morning but no Sunday School. Jeff got up at 3 a.m. just to be able to take us to church. We had to slip out a little early because Josh had to be at work. This one car for everyone is taking its toll. Josh has to get to school tomorrow at 1 p.m. but Jeff won't be finished with his job until much later. Looks like someone will have to get on the phone and try to find a ride into Gaylord.

Later this afternoon we went to the Pigeon to look for apples. There weren't many as they were frosted last spring when they were in blossom. I have two bags and will do pie filling tomorrow and/or the next.

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