Saturday, August 16, 2008

This Week's Frugal Menu

I only had $60 to spend on groceries this week (and other necessities such as TP) so I've had to really get creative for menu plans. I decided to do this (suppers only listed here - the rest will be left-overs & PB sandwiches):

Saturday - Sweet & Sour Meatballs made with my own wild grape jelly, homemade egg noodles with spinach, cole slaw (our own red cabbage from garden)

Sunday - On your own suppers (my day off!)

Monday - Baked steaks (Dorothy gave me a box of cheap sirloin steaks that are okay if baked in gravy), baked potatoes, mixed vegetables (home canned from last year)

Tuesday - Fish & chips (blue gills Jeff & boys caught while camping), tossed salad (remainder of lettuce from garden), cheese omelet for Jonathon

Wednesday - Baked ham slices (Farmland brand I got for $1 with coupons), scalloped potatoes, fresh green beans (from garden)

Thursday - Homemade pizza (pray that my oven keeps working)

Friday - Goulash, salads

I think I'm going to try going vegetarian for my 30 day health challenge. I have experienced a lot of gastro-intestinal problems since having my gall bladder removed 10 years ago. I'm hoping that will make a difference! I'll keep you posted as to the results of this "experiment". By the way, I LOVE baked ham and Wednesday's menu is hard to pass up. I told Jonathon (in jest) that I was going to be a "porkitarian." He didn't think it was funny.


bethanyrae said...

I prayed for your oven. Have you been having problems with it?

Rita T. said...

YES, we still have trouble with it. We need to get it fixed, but for now, it works but doesn't heat up evenly or all the way. Sometimes it doesn't light and we have to keep trying until it does. Yuck.