Monday, August 18, 2008

School Looming on the Horizon

School is going to start for us on September 1, as it always does. In case other homeschooling moms need ideas I thought I'd post our planned curriculum:

Son #1 is continuing college, studying criminal justice. He'll be doing his internship with the state police this fall. I need to do NOTHING about his school! Hooray!

Son #2, grade 12
Second half of US History for Christian Schools (Bob Jones University Press)
Principles of Grammar series (grade 12) by Christian Liberty Press
Advanced Mathematics and DIVE cd's (Saxon & DIVE)
Second half of How Great Thou Art book 2
Bible Survey Series (Rod & Staff)
God & Government Book 3 by Gary DeMar
Writing a Research Paper (Christian Liberty)
Music: continue with the guitar and also look into getting Alfred's Music Theory (Johnny's request)
Chemistry (Alpha Omega)
English Literature (A Beka)

Son #3, grade 10

Streams of Civilization book 1
Biology (A Beka)
Algebra II (Saxon)
God's Plan for Mankind series (Rod & Staff)
Principles of Grammar grade 10
God & Government, book 1
World Literature (A Beka)
Book Reports throughout the year
Digital Photography - purchased a guide to use in teaching the study portion but can't remember the name! Field work will have to be done using my camera since Evan's broke.
Music: Family singing & some guitar

Son #4, grade 5

A Beka grammar grade 5, think it's book B
Answers in Genesis planet earth
The Light & the Glory for Children (History)
Math 54 (Saxon) repeated from last year - he's none too happy
How Great Thou Art Drawing Horses (2nd half)
Pathway Reader grade 5
Various great literature books that I have here, combined with library books
Spelling grade 5 (Rod & Staff)
God's Plan for Mankind series grade 5 (Rod & Staff)
Music: Family Singing

Daughter, grade 2

Bible Nurture Series, grade 2, containing phonics, reading, Bible, and some spelling (Rod & Staff)
Saxon Math grade 2
Answers in Genesis planet earth
Various literature for extra reading
Latina Christiana (Memoria Press)
A First Book in American History, Edward Eggleston (Lost Classics Book Company)
English grade 2, Rod & Staff
Music: Family Singing
Penmanship grade 2, Rod & Staff

I'm probably forgetting something, but the bulk of everything is there. Two of the children can't wait to begin and two don't want to ever begin. It's always that way.

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