Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pillow Case Dresses for Children

Information about this project was in our church bulletin a couple of weeks ago and I kept forgetting to post about it. Denny Freeman is going to Africa this fall and hopes to bring with him a bunch of clothing for the children who are in SUCH desperate need for it.

If you click on the link "pillow case pattern", you can download a pattern for creating the cutest dresses made from pillow cases. Amanda and I are going to make one for Amanda and another for an African child. I'd like to make a bundle of them but time and other factors aren't there.

If you'd like to help with this project and live near Gaylord, you can contact the church here. If you live elsewhere and still want to sew dresses for the children (or donate other clothing in good shape - for ages 0-18) click on the "contact us" link on the Little Dresses for Africa web page.

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