Monday, August 25, 2008

Farley Mowat

Remember my earlier post about the Disney movie, Never Cry Wolf? It seemed so strange that I just knew at least some of it was true, and it was. The main character, Farley Mowat, wrote a memoir concerning his study of arctic wolves, which was published in 1963 (I was a wee babe!) A great deal of the memoir was fictionalized and made for a great, if not really weird, movie. Disney put out Never Cry Wolf in 1983.

Mr. Mowat has written many books, mostly nonfiction.

I am going to put aside my own novel in progress and get back into nonfiction for a while. I can no longer afford to be a starving artist--I can starve but I won't let my kids, if you understand where I'm coming from. Anyway, my stuff is nowhere as sensational as Farley Mowat's, but I think I can come up with something interesting anyway. I intend to write about some of my own life experiences which haven't been all that normal but I've survived, as anyone can. Faith is the fuel that can keep a person functional, don't you think?

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