Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trimming Corners

I'm going to place a book order with CBD tomorrow. I need to get Jonathon's Advanced Math (Saxon) and the DIVE cd. That alone will cost me $125.00. Ugh. I'm looking now for a good deal on a Bible cover. Mine is as old as my Bible - 21 years. I think it's time to get a new cover but the problem is that they're pricey. CBD has some good prices but to get an X-large is still a bit more than I'd like to spend. We no longer have a Christian book store nearby (the bigger stores, i.e. Wal-Mart, pushed them out) so it's online or drive far distances with high gas prices. Decisions, decisions.

We're going to have Evan (grade 10) do a photography course for art this year. He's done drawing since the early years and is ready for something else. I'm still looking for a good book, will try Writer's Digest Book Club tomorrow a.m.

Cutting corners with homeschool is something I hate to do. I'm getting school supplies, other than textbooks, at bargain prices right now.

Some of the ways we've trimmed costs in the last year are:

  • I make my own laundry soap and pay about $0.05 per load.
  • I make my own fabric softener (which I LOVE) for about $0.05 a load also.
  • I make 99% of our meals from scratch saving a bundle - haven't calculated it but I know it's a lot after talking to other moms who don't do this.
  • I tend 3 garden plots and freeze/can/dehydrate everything I am able to. I know this accounts to a savings of many hundreds of dollars per year.
  • We eat many slow cooker meals and casseroles, thereby cutting costs over the more pricey meat/potato/veggie/dessert dinners. Again, I don't have exact savings.
  • I wash only full loads and fill the washer 1/2 with warm water and then finish it with cold. It's better than ice cold water and it saves energy.
  • I make my own bath soap. I don't think this saves me more than a few dollars over Ivory soap, but I know for a fact that my soap is milder. Ivory tests at a 10 ph level whereby my soap has been consistently testing at a 7.
  • I use generic foods and meds whenever possible. Sometimes they aren't too good and in that case, I don't buy them, opting for name brands instead.
  • I coupon has much as I can.
I could go on and on but I'm tired and have a few other things to do. If you're willing, you CAN save money without scrimping on quality, sometimes eating healthier (as in your own home-grown food) and living healthier & greener (as in making your own soaps and such).

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