Sunday, May 25, 2008


Our pastor has been preaching through the book of I Corinthians for some time now. This morning he spoke about chapter 15 where Paul talks about the resurrection - our hope in Christ is based upon His resurrection. If Jesus didn't come back to life after his crucifixion, we would have no hope and should be pitied.

I just love something that Pastor Jim said and I just have to pass it along to you. "Self-indulgence is the natural outgrowth of a life that rejects the resurrection."

This is such a profound, yet practical statement. If Jesus was crucified and buried, what would the reason be to continue as we are? We might as well go ahead and indulge - eat, drink & be merry.

But Jesus DID rise on the 3rd day and He IS alive forever. There are just too many historical accounts that prove the Bible to be true. It was mentioned this morning that last week a breaking story came out concerning dna testing and the creation story. I don't find that amazing because I believe the Bible. I hope you do too.

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