Sunday, May 18, 2008

Great Grad Gifts

This time of year graduation and open house invitations come rolling in. If you’re like me, you begin wondering what in the world you’re going to give these young people. I always want to give something that will be timeless and will last a very long time. It should also be something appropriate for the occasion.

When I graduated 28 years ago (eek!) I received a bundle of cash from relatives, a necklace from my aunt and uncle, and a cedar chest from my parents. Other than the cedar chest, my favorite gift was a Rosewood pen. I aspired to be a writer back then and everyone knew you had to have a really good pen. This one was in a beautiful velvet case. I still have the pen, and I occasionally use it. It just feels good in my hand.

When we got married, Jeff gave all of the guys who were in the wedding Cross pens. They loved them. All of this reminiscing got me browsing good quality refillable ink pens. I found a super website that carries Personalized Cross Pens from and I was doubly thrilled to see how easy it is to get them engraved and personalized. Not only do they carry Cross pens, but they carry my beloved Rosewood (by Woodmark) pens as well. Be sure to check out the web specials while you're there.

Personalized Cross Pens from are super gifts for everyone on your graduation gift list because they’re timeless, personal, and affordable. I have several graduation invitations on my desk tonight so I guess it’s time for me to browse pens myself!A good refillable ink pen is still a nice gift and they're better than ever.

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