Sunday, April 13, 2008

A What?

The other night I decided to do a Google search on my name, as I do this periodically to see if a lot of the articles/stories I'd published are still coming up. Did you know this is an important thing to do if you're a writer, just to make sure that nobody's stealing your stuff? Anyway, what I found out is that my first name is very uncommon, especially my married last name/combo. There is like a .0003% chance that anyone else has my same exact name (in this world!) If you have my name, leave me a comment!

I did a quiz on my power animal and this is what showed up:

What is your Power Animal?
Rita Tubbs, what is your Power Animal?Rita Tubbs, based on your name and a process known to only three people on the planet, we can tell you that your Power Animal is the: Giant Weta.
Find your Power Animal, check your envowelment, and see your name in binary at

Has anyone ever heard of a giant weta? I haven't!

1 comment:

FromThe Creek said...

Mine is an Oompa Loompa! How crazy is that?