Friday, April 25, 2008

Great Faith

Joy of joys, it's raining...actually thundering and all! This'll help keep the fire threat down. The fire in Grayling was contained this morning due to the rain we've been getting. I swear someone must have been praying after all!

As for other news, we've been studying about Joan of Arc in history. Tonight our family watched the 1999 version of "Joan of Arc" and it helped to reinforce what we learned. I think this is one of the better versions I've watched, maybe because the graphics are better than previous ones.

No matter what version of the movie or book we get into regarding this piece of French/English history (the 100 years war was brutal), we understand a little better each time about the harsh realities of martyrdom that the middle ages is famous for. When Joan looks to the Heavens and sees her angels once more and whispers, "Thank you, thank you," it moves me to tears. What great faith...oh that I had an ounce of that faith.

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