Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brokenness vs. Weakness

To be broken or to be weak - that was our discussion in Sunday school this week. The definitions were given: Brokenness comes from an outside source and weakness comes from within.

In order to really use you, the Lord will "take a hammer to you" and break you completely. That way you have no place to go but to Him. You become dependent upon Him for your everything and that is when He can use you best. He breaks you to make you complete, to make you whole, to make you His. You will be better for it. You won't lean on Him without it. You can never accept His great gift of salvation without it.

We are all born with weaknesses. These are the things within that we let drag us down. We feel we can't accomplish what we want because of these weaknesses. We must learn to live with the weaknesses. They're a part of us for a reason. We cannot let the weaknesses ever become an excuse to sin. Once we give our weaknesses to the Lord, He'll make us stronger through the weaknesses.

I've watched family members pick up the messes that their grown children make. When they do this, they get in God's way. My Sunday school teacher said that she wants God to break her children but she doesn't want to watch. That's so true for most of us. I'm afraid a lot of people will have to give an account some day of how they kept butting in when they should have stayed back and let God do what He wanted to do. I'm convinced this is why so many never do trust in Jesus. Why should they when they never reach bottom; they have no need to look up!

"For when I am weak, then I am strong." The apostle Paul, speaking to the Corinthian church

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