Monday, January 07, 2008

Special Pillow Makeover

Isn't this pillow grand? It was given to me for Amanda at my baby shower more than six years ago. A lady at the Church of the Nazarene gave it to me. I can't remember her name right now, but I can still see her face. She gave me the shower, insisted upon it although this was my fifth child. Anyway, Amanda has used the little pillow for all of her life and it all but fell apart. She prayed for healing for the "special pillow" last night and that was when I knew I had to intervene.

First off, I told Amanda that she should thank the Lord that she had a wonderful pillow for the past six years and that she should ask God to help her mommy fix it nicely. Then tonight she brought me the pillow just as I was about to finally relax and watch Antiques Road Show. Pooh. I got up from the couch, though, and began to repair the pillow. It was beyond hope. I decided to strip the fabric from the stuffing and just redo the whole thing. Amanda chose a scrap of the Care Bear fabric I had leftover from another project.

Here's a picture of the "during" process:
As you can see, the stuffing is about done for too. That's why, in the finished photo, you'll see Amanda holding her quilted pillow. It's bigger than the original and is quilted to try to hold the stuffing together longer. Wish you could all see the poor sewing job from the pictures! HA!

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bethanyrae said...

That's so sweet how she prayed for her pillow. She was probably happy to get to choose the fabric, eh?
Nice job.