Monday, July 16, 2007

Thatsa Hike!

Yesterday afternoon our family took a nice long hike in the Pigeon. Jeff told me it wasn't too bad of a walk, and, though I do love to hike, I didn't expect hills like this:

This cabin is named Honeymoon Cabin. It was our final destination. Built like in the 1920's before the ground was state ground, it was really neat. The shingles on the roof are new; the DNR is trying to save these old cabins.

The fireplace is a mess. People have about destroyed it in their ignorance (or rudeness), and it was filled with beer cans and bottles and other junk. On the mantle was a college ruled notebook with diaries of people who've stayed at the cabin. Someone inscribed on a stone, "Josh, where are you?" Then, "Gone." Then, "Josh is dead." Weird when you have a Josh in your family.

Here is another view from inside Honeymoon Cabin.

The window opposite this one is busted out with jagged pieces of

glass all around the edges. Visitors before us left a mess, as you can see.

There are even two packages of Ramen noodles on the shelf.

Amanda is practicing ballet on the back deck.

Evan is peeking from behind a pile of beer and pop bottles/cans he collected on the grounds to clean up the place. He counted up more than $5.00 he'll make by returning the stinky containers. We had to drive home with all windows down and Amanda crying it stunk in the van.

View toward Gaylord from the back deck of Honeymoon Cabin. Vanderbilt is off to the right a bit closer.

(Left) just another view off the deck. We're going to hike back again in the fall to see the pretty colors.

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