Saturday, June 09, 2007

Turtle Sandwich

This is for my friend, Debbie C. Remember when Bethany kissed the bullfrog out at that sinkhole lake in the Pigeon?


bethanyrae said...

Ooooo yuck. Now I'm grossed out! I always thought chocolate, caramel and nuts when thinking of eating turtles.

Anonymous said...

That's just disgusting. Period.

mommy_34695 said...

I think that I should clarify that Josh only got this close to the turtle. If I made turtle soup he wouldn't eat it...just wanted to get my goat and he did.

Anonymous said...

Kissing a frog? Yes, I remember when Bethany did that. Now that she will be 20 next month, I hope the next frog she kisses will be the one that turns into the handsome prince. Debbie C