Thursday, May 24, 2007

Time to Weed Again

Heaven is High. That's the working title of the novel I've been working on forever. I've been wondering lately just how high Heaven is. Is it in another dimension or just really way up there? Of course, the reason I chose the title is because of the Puritan greeting given "Heaven is high." After that, "Hell is low."

My daughter helped me weed the garden the other day. She likes the weeds. They're plentiful. She says they're pretty and she doesn't want to kill them.

We all have weeds in our lives that we don't want to pull. They're pretty. They make us feel good. But the problem is that they choke out the real plants and if left to grow, the weeds will take over and we'll be left with a "garden" of weeds that produce nothing.

Weeds, therefore, are killers. Heaven really is high. The Christian life is a higher calling, one that is difficult at times and requires a lot of work. There are weeds to pull so that the Spirit has room to breathe.

I'm going to work on those weeds in my own life and I challenge other believers to do the same. Bearing all of the fruit that God intends for us to produce has got to be the best life.

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Anonymous said...

What is the pink flower in the picture? And yes, don't we all have a few weeds that need to be pulled. I need to pull the weed of negativity. I seem to always look at the bad first. I'm trying.
Debbie C